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Jun. 29th, 2011 07:31 pm
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There is an interview with Simon Pegg on SlateQuestions for Simon Pegg

Slate: Your movies seem to privilege your friendship with Nick—or whatever character he's playing—over romantic love. Why do you think that is?

Pegg: Nick and I always talk about it, it's always played up, this idea of bromance, when really, when women are like that with each other, it's not commented on. Whereas with guys, it's still weird if guys are kind of affectionate with each other, and I just find that really interesting because it comes from guys being very uptight and homophobic. With Hot Fuzz, there was definitely a homoerotic subtext, when the guys are fighting in the rain with their tops off. With Paul it was kind of more the fact that they'd become almost co-dependent and couldn't function outside their own relationship. But if Nick and I are doing the film together, it has to be about that. There was a female character in Hot Fuzz initially called Victoria who ran the local bed and breakfast and who Angel had a relationship with. But it felt really tacked on, like we were only doing it to play lip service to that, when really, what that film is about is the romance between Danny and Nick.

effienell: Michael Fassbender as Magneto, wearing the yellow suit and the black helmet, his hand reaching out (Default)

  • 'James Bond' is not a name of a person, it's a designation for a secret agent. It's a persona different agents assume. There have been many different James Bonds, there will be others.

  • everyone knows the things I know. I assume this. Surely, if I have seen a link and read the contents, then everyone else I know - who is within this vague cloud of friends/ acquaintances/ fans of similar things - will have seen it and read it.

    Sometimes I overcome this and post a link, and am surprised to see people reacting to it as though it is new to them.

  • Erik/Charles in X-Men:First Class is never completely consensual: there is a lot of attraction between them, but Charles is so used to getting what he wants and reaching out with his mind and making people want to do what he wants, that he doesn't even realise how much he is doing it.
    This is also supported by others, or rather leans on others, like so:

    violin_road: I feel like I've read so much ~making love~ in this fandom already that it's just accepted fanon that Chuck is constantly non-conning Erik into a ~deep need for connection~.

    violin_road: Like, wtf Erik, you've been a bad-ass revenge-minded Nazi-killing sonovabitch for years, and suddenly this pretty boy makes eyes at you and asks you to help raise his housefull of orphan children, and you're like "oh yes of course whatever you say teeheehee"??

    TRUFAX, a story where Charles was a goddamn fucking liar when he said "I could make you stay, but I won't" would NOT EVEN BE AN AU. It would play out the exact same way.

    lcsbanana: I think I'd like the story where when Charles says that, he really THINKS he means it, but he reaches out and twists a little anyway without even quite realizing. Just enough to make him stay, and then a while later just enough to make him say yes, and then just enough to make him want to allow telepathic sex, and eventually he's doing it constantly, tiny adjustments that he's not fully aware of because they happen along with his own feelings. And then Erik steps inside that chamber in the sub, cut off for the first time...and then he puts the helmet on. "Sorry, Charles. Somehow I don't trust you."

    violin_road: And Charles is genuinely baffled, because why wouldn't Erik trust him? Erik's always trusted him, from the very beginning, and it's not like he's ever done anything to betray that! He would never!

    And Erik's not really sure either, because the thing is that what Charles was doing to his mind was so subtle, so incremental, that it's just a sort of ... feeling, that something is wrong, that he's not wholly himself. He's been chalking it up to just the new situation, to working with others, to there being others. But suddenly Charles can't touch him anymore, and ... well, maybe it's just the excitement, the knowledge that he's finally going to kill Shaw, but he somehow feels more ... whole than he's felt in a while.

    And like so:
    Metafic on fandom's total lack of understanding of consent

    "Oh god," said Erik, smiling a lot with his perfect unblemished teeth that he had in spite of years of malnutrition, torture, and abuse and stuff, "I love it when you enter my mind without consent."

    "I knew you would," said Charles, his mysteriously British accent even though he grew up in New York State sounding sexy and exotic the way British accents always do without exception, "I always know what is best for everyone, especially people who have seen more of the world than me."
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